At Game on Activities "YOU" have the power.

Game On Activities has introduced to the Bay of Plenty the .50 caliber Tippmann Paintball Marker fitted with CO2 bottles that are calibrated to shoot smaller paintball's at a lower velocity. 

The new paintball's are approximately a 1/3 of the weight and size of a "Traditional High Impact Paintball", so worry no more, you can now enjoy playing paintball, as this new technology delivers a 1/3 less sting upon impact, making the experience far more enjoyable!

Ideal for ages upwards of 11years, schools, sports teams, corporate groups, youth groups and so much more.

Health and Safety is imperative in this day and age, and Game On Activities is proud to be able to offer all forms of activities being Outdoor Laser Tag with no hurt, 50 Caliber Paintball with a little bit of hurt, and High Impact Paintball with lots of hurt!