battle for supremacy!


Imagine your favorite first person shooter game, now imagine it's real and you're the hero!

Set on a large action-packed outdoor field filled with skill testing terrain, from dense bush to open fields. Game on Activities Paintball course is the perfect location for challenging friends, family, colleagues or work groups. Now collect your troops solider and register today. Over and out! 


At Game on Activities YOU have the power.

Game on Activities Paintball can accommodate all types of players, whether you think you're an amateur or amazing we can cater for you. Offering Beginners games, bushball, capture the flag, attack and defend or custom games. With custom games you set the objectives and missions you want, the choice is yours! Game on Activities Paintball has paintball guns and gear all ready to rent!




$40.00 per player  (must be pre-paid & includes 200 paintballs)

$50.00 per player (must be pre-paid & includes 300 paintballs)

Extras: $50 per bag of 500 paintballs or $10.00 per Pod of 100 (by arrangement)

Bookings include: Marker, Mask, Vest & 200 or 300 Paintballs plus extras if arranged.
Bookings are essential, so please contact us before your preferred dates. 

(Minimum of 10 players to constitute a game)



Two Combat Sessions per day depending on numbers and availability:

Morning 10am - 12noon

Afternoon 2pm - 4pm

Paintball is one of the safest sports in the world when you play by the rules, and we intend to keep it that way – please read our paintball terms and conditions here.